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Review Abfohlsystem Sisyfos Sweden

Jenny Larsson – Sisyfos Breedes AB, Sweden

„We started using Abfohlsystem many years ago, in fact long before many of the bigger Breeders here in Sweden. This was our „spring savior“, allowing me to get some sleep calm during the nights. We are using transmitters, receivers and SIM-card telephone system. The phone rings when the foal is coming. Every year we have around 30-40 births, and the system is well spent money. We completely rely on the system and don’t use camera any more before foaling. For us – the system has been 100 %! Even in very bad positioned foaling, the alarm has gone of, even when very little of the foal is coming out. Of course – you need to attach the magnet and receiver as advised, so the alarm goes of at the right moment. If the electricity is gone, the phone alarms so you don’t miss it. Every year Mrs. José helps us to start up the season with checking the transmitters to se how many births and minutes are left. We always get very quick replies and help at once. Thanks!“

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