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The first steps

First steps

Before putting the Jan Wolters Abfohlsystem into operation, please respect the following three rules:

  • After having received your order, test the complete system.
  • Carry out a “distance test” each time before using the system.
  • Never sew on a transmitter that has not been tested over the full range.

The strategic positioning of the central antenna is important. The central antenna should be placed as close to the mare as possible. There should be as few as possible radio waves in the immediate vicinity. Please also remember that metal or Wi-Fi can interfere with transmission.

Testing the system

  1. Position the central antenna within the recommended range (Receiver 1: approx. 40 m, Receiver 2 approx. 250 m). Plug the A/C adapter according to the instructions into the jack for the Power transformer (N°.16) and into a standard socket. Fix the antenna cable (antenna) into the ports (N°.8 and/or 9). Switch the receiver on with the On/Off button. (N°. 2). The green light comes on (N°.1: Power). The beeping for low batteries may sound and the light for a low battery (N°.7) may appear. Both will stop (lasts no more than a few minutes when the adapter is plugged into the energy source) (see explanation for Low Battery, N°. 15).
  2. Check the transmitter in the foaling area. Pull the magnet out of the transmitter. The receiver will be activated. The further the antenna, the longer it takes for the transmitter’s waves to reach the antenna. If the magnet is replaced too early, then the connection build up will be broken. After the alarm has gone off, put the magnet back into its holder. Repeat the test in all the places where the mare might go to give birth.
  3. As soon as the magnet is removed from the transmitter, the alarm chain is set off. For the receiver, this means: first the alarm light (N°.3) appears. Secondly an audible alarm is heard. Thirdly any accessory (e.g. phone dialler, bell) is activated. If you have bought a blue transmitter, the red indicator light will blink rapidly until the magnet is replaced in its holder.
  4. First put the magnet back into the transmitter’s magnet holder. The Reset-button (N°.4) should only be activated thereafter. The alarm will stop. Leave the receiver in “ready” mode.
  5. Jan Wolters Abfohlsystem GmbH recommends controlling and testing the transmitter daily. The transmitter must be kept clean from excrements. Always keep the surface of the magnet holder clean. In this way you will ensure that the magnet pulls out of the holder easily in the event of foaling. At the end of the foaling season, store the equipment in the case it was supplied in. Clean the transmitter. The magnet must be kept in the magnet holder. Ensure that all switches are switched off and no power sources are still on. Test the complete foaling system thoroughly and in plenty of time before each use.

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