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The transmitter

General information about the transmitter

There are two different transmitters. The red transmitter can only be used for one birth. The blue transmitter can be used several times. It is designed to transmit for 10 births. The pulse duration is 3 hours; the maximum lifespan is approx. 3 years. At the end of the foaling season (but no more than once a year!) we will test your blue transmitter free of charge for any remaining available births, or remaining impulse time. Please pay for the postage to us; we will test your transmitter and pay the return postage.

Precautions and hints about the transmitter

Transmitters should be stored individually in bubble wrap in a cool place. The transmitter is particularly appetising for pets such as cats or dogs if it has previously been used for foaling and is still covered in amniotic fluid. Clean the transmitter when necessary with a nailbrush under running water. The red transmitter can be used for one foaling only. The blue transmitter can be used several times. Both the red and the blue transmitters can be tested several times, provided the magnet is not removed from the magnet holder for longer than one minute each time. The countdown starts at zero at each test. Individual test activations are not added up together. The magnet should remain in the magnet holder during stitching.

Important for our customers – please note

Blue Transmitters:
  • lf the magnet is out of the blue transmitter for more than one minute, the transmitter considers this as a „birth“.
  • The blue transmitter can be used for up to 10 „births“ provided the total amount of time the magnet is out of the holder across these 10 „births“ does not exceed 180 minutes.
  • lf the 180 minutes are used up across fewer than 10 „births“ (e.g. the magnet remains out of the holder for 60 minutes on 3 occasions) then the transmitter will no Ionger function.
  • However, if the magnet is removed from the holder for less than a minute (for testing, cleaning …) no births or minutes are used. This can therefore be done an infinite number of times.
  • The magnet must remain in the holder whilst suturing the transmitter. Prior to use, test the transmitter in all places the mare may go to foal in order to ensure that it can produce an unobstructed transmission and that it is within full range of the antenna.
  • lf the transmitter is to remain unused for lengthy periods of time, please activate it at least once every six months.
Red Transmitters:
  • Red transmitters can only be used for ONE „birth“. lf the magnet is removed from the holder for more than one minute, the transmitter will no Ionger function.

Parts of the transmitter

Parts of the transmitter
  1. Red or blue casing The casing protects the transmission unit from moisture. Never detach the casing or take it apart of your own accord!
  2. Fastening loops The threads are first threaded through the loops. The transmitter is then attached to the left labia of the mare’s vulva. The stitches to attach the transmitter should go approx.4 cm deep into the labia.
  3. Magnet holder Holds the trigger magnet in the transmitter casing. Push the magnet sideways into the transmitter. Never try to pull up the flap as this can cause it to break off; the transmitter then becomes useless.
  4. (Trigger) magnet Removal of the magnet from the casing activates the transmitter and uses up the transmitter batteries.
  5. Magnet loop The magnet is sewn in to the right side of the mare’s vulva using the loop. The stitches should go approx. 4 cm deep into the labia and be knotted three times.
  6. Battery indicator (only for the blue transmitter) The red light flashes when the magnet is not in the holder. If the light flashes irregularly or not at all, the transmitter should be replaced, as the battery is flat. Please note: the red transmitter does not have a light.
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