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The receiver

General information about the receiver

The receiver 1 with one antenna connection, has a range of approx. 40 m and is used for monitoring in the stable. Receiver 2 with two antenna connections. As well as the normal antenna connection it has an additional antenna connection for monitoring the paddock area. The range is approx. 250 m.

Precautions and hints about the receiver

Only use the receiver with the small black antenna if it is placed at eye level right next to the foaling stable.

Parts of the receiver

Parts of the transmitter
  1. Power green light appears when the receiver is switched on
  2. On/Off with this switch, the receiver is switched on and off.
  3. Alarm red light appears when the receiver is activated.
  4. Reset stops acoustic alarm and puts receiver back to ready mode.
  5. L-Rec green light appears as soon as the left antenna receives the transmitter’s signal.
  6. R-Rec green light appears if the right antenna receives the transmitter’s signal (only for Receiver 2).
  7. Low Battery after a lengthy down time (without being used), the appliance will indicate that the battery needs to be charged. Plug the appliance into a power source; the beeping will stop after about 15 minutes. If the beeping continues after about 30 minutes, this means the battery needs replacing.
  8. Antenna just as N°.9, these are the antenna connections for Receiver 2.
  9. Antenna this is the antenna connection for Receiver 1.
  10. PG 1
  11. Aux. Power Dialer connection for the phone dialler cable. Only relevant if this accessory is being used.
  12. PG 2
  13. Aux. Buzzer connection for the red and black jack plugs for the bell. Only relevant if this accessory is being used.
  14. Dialer connection for the red and black jack plug for the phone dialler. Only relevant if this accessory is being used.
  15. Ext. Battery as soon as Low Battery is shown, the system will no longer work properly. The system can however be used without a battery if an electric cable is plugged into Ext. Battery (N°. 15). Please note that the receiver will not work unless it is connected via Ext. Battery.
  16. Power Transformer connection for a 12 Volt A/C adapter (N°. 17).
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