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The foaling system

What constitutes the Abfohlsystem?

The system is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The small transmitter is sewn onto the outside of the mare’s vulva. When the labia open, the magnet is released from the transmitter. An inaudible radio signal is sent to the receiver which emits an acoustic alarm. Depending on the equipment accessories (e.g. mobile dialler), the alarm will be activated immediately (as a phone call). It is important that the antenna is placed within the range of the transmitter. This range is approx. 40 m for foaling in the stable (receiver 1) and approx. 250 m for foaling in the paddock (receiver 2). This distance data is reliable. It is however important to consider each individual foaling set-up, as obstacles (e.g. metal, WI-FI) can influence reception. Please read these instructions carefully before using the Jan Wolters Abfohlsystem and follow each step in the order indicated.
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